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i'm the administrator of italian forum about Honda Forza (versions 2005,2008 and 2013). The URL of our forum is:

Some users, owners of a NSS300 have reported a problem in Fuel Pump. After different distances (from 2000 to 6000 km) he pump is broken while the scooter was going. They are very angry because Honda Italia said the replacement pump was not available neither in Italy, neither in European logistic centre. Some of them are still waiting the replacement, maybe for first week of August.

In our forum 6 (six) users had the problem. Thinking that in Italy there are not more 3000 NSS300, it means a considerable percentage.

Here a report of issues: (date of purchase, date of issue, tot. km )

user1: 09/2013 30/06/2014 9000
user2: 09/2013 07/2014 unknow
user3: 10/2013 14/06/2014 9000
user4: 12/2013 10/06/2014 3820
user5: 04/2014 30/06/2014 1500
user6: 04/2014 22/07/2014 3000

All used the scooter in mix mode (highway, roads, city), but none with high speeds.

We would like to know if someone, outside Italy, have had the same problem. For what we know all NSS300 in the world are built in Thailand, so we think are perfectly equal.

Thanks in advance.




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