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Hi. I have a Honda Click 125i. Just bought it Jan 2014. I do notice that once I reach speeds of 80kph, the handle bars start to shake. Its to a point where I am uncomfortable riding at that speed. I normally just ride around 60-70k. I believe I can also feel strong vibrations from the engine. Just wondering if bikes in these class just aren't stable above 80kph. I mentioned this to a Honda tech when I had my oil change last week and all he did was pump my tires to its max pressure (~36psi front and 46 rear). it was way too stiff and I didnt try it at 80kph. I normal put (29psi front and rear if riding alone and 29 front and 36 rear with passenger). I changed my tires from stock IRC to Dunlop TT900 (90/90 and 100/90). With a passenger the handle bar will start to shake at 70kph.

Anyone know if this is "normal" and how I can make my ride more stable?




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