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I need to information and directory motorcycle in Thailand about Production sale / Amount by yearly , Finance Report , New Model , Market sharing in Thailand etc... because of my company in Indonesia will come open new office and open new customer in Thailand , I need to more information for support our business.

Please advice to me about Website or Motorcycle directory or book .

Thank you advance.


By: Flying Squirrel (offline)  Wednesday, 25 June 2014 @ 09:52 AM ICT  


The poster "news" is your best bet here. You need to login before you post. I am not an industry insider but have lived in Indonesia.

Market share is probably the same here as there. But there maybe some differences between scooters (step through) and big bikes.

Scooter #1 Honda, #2 Yamaha, # 3 Suzuki. Kawasaki does not have any scooters here. Then Vespa
Big scooters #1 Honda, #2 Vespa.#3 SYM

Divide Indonesia's volume buy 3 as your country is over 3 times the population.

Motorcycles125-250 #1 Honda, #2 Kawasaki... some Lifan, etc.
Motorcycles 250-500 #1 Honda, #2 Kawasaki
Motorcycles 650-1000 #1 Kawasaki ,#2 Honda, #3 Yamaha? then the others like Triumph, BMW etc.

Most of the new models we have here you will have there. But you still have some older ones that we do not and so far there are no Bajaj motorbikes here.

There are no new two-strokes here and all bikes have fuel injection.

"News" will correct me I am sure. But no one is going to give you specific information, if you are going to compete with them.

Better to tell us exactly what your company will be doing! Then...maybe....


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