By: Anonymous: Alberto Rossi ()  Sunday, 15 June 2014 @ 06:55 PM ICT (Read 1718 times)  

Actually,there are some significant differences.

The changes are not merely cosmetic.

Even though the two bikes look rather similar at first glance,there are some major differences under the hood.

The new model has half a horsepower more,lower fuel consumption,less friction and more durability.

The LED lighting system consumes a fraction of the energy,compared wirth the older model,putting less strain on the engine.
Not to mention the LED lights are more powerful and distance penitrating.

Bigger fuel tank,more space under seat,better speedo layout,phone charger,bigger glove compartment,better seat.
Basically,the only things that are the same is the frame,shocks,wheels and handlebars.

Is that not enough change?
Alberto Rossi
Moto- Racing Consultant,

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