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I seek your kind assistance, guys! What do I need to do so that I will be issued a new plate number for my bike? Recently, I bought another motorbike and I was given a new plate. I thought the new plate looks a lot nicer than the very old plate of my other motorbike. So I thought I'd go to the police and ask for a "police report" and lie to them that I lost it. But somehow, the idea of lying makes me squirm. I thought, why lie when I can be issued a new plate upon request. But I do not know the process. Anyone on the know? Please help. Thank you.

By: news (offline)  Friday, 06 June 2014 @ 12:44 PM ICT  

Some shops in Bangkok offer “copy” plates, this license plates miss the horizontal holography wave and are not approved by the government. This means you can get a ticket for not having “official” license plates which is I believe 200 THB per time.

My g/f had on her bike some time ago Japanese plates, while the motorcycle was 100% legally registered in Thailand... She found it cool and on average she got one ticket per month which she accepted...

The correct way to get new license plates for your registered motorcycle is to misplace the old one and report them missing at your local police station, with that paper you go to the local Department of Land Transport (not forget to take the greenbook and passport), and within 2 to 4 weeks you have a new license plate (of course you have to pay some ... absolutely not know how much you need to pay, but maybe somebody else knows/remembers that....



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By: Anonymous: Adi ()  Friday, 06 June 2014 @ 01:25 PM ICT  

Thank you for the reply, Khun NEWS. This is what I intend to do. You can correct me if you think this is not right. Instead of me reporting to the police station that my plate went missing, I will tell them honestly that I simply wanted a new plate for my motorbike so that it will be "in tune with the time" with my other motorbike which has the new plate design. I will surrender the old plate and then request for a new one. Is this process permissible? Is this possible? Of course I expect to pay some Thai baht. Thank you for your reply. -Adi

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