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I can remember that the previous manufacturer was APHonda, but they are currently a distributor of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd, and Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd who in a email confirmed that they do not manufacture the Honda CBR150R. Of course, I can understand that some people feel skeptic that I report about the Honda CBR150R so please contact Honda Manufacturing direct at For the sportbike segment Honda has, seemingly, changed its attitude, and it is now concentrating to produce a single engine for the entry CBR series, which seems now to be a 125cc engine. While eating with a few Honda engineers, we found that Honda would have a few flavors to the 125cc engine. This flavors are 99% software based, a Honda CBR125iR in Thailand will perform better then the current CBR150R in performance and fuel-consumption. While the European and North-American version is much more on fuel consumption and less on performance as the restriction apply. With this Honda has entered the digital age, modifying a European learner bike is not anymore about swapping parts, it is all about getting a USB cable...



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