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The Honda Wave 125 has been rated at 63 kpl for a few years. My wife gets mid to upper 70's and I would get mid 50's to low 60's. It is not just for around town as I road mine over 30,000 km last year around Thailand.. 1 up or 2 up on some trips. Top speed is enough to keep up with traffic on any road. The newer ones have a larger tank which is nice but a LED rear X tail light that I think is hard to see.

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Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks for the information regarding the fuel consumption of the Honda Wave 125i, of course the fuel efficiency depends highly on the style of riding, we now have a better idea about real day to day fuel consumption.

With most motorcycles we have tested the 'kilometers per liter' numbers are not nearly as close as you describe. If the Honda Wave 125i is really so fuel efficient it would explain why we still have petrol in the tank from our first fill-up...



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