By: davidstipek (offline)  Tuesday, 06 August 2013 @ 10:52 PM ICT (Read 2973 times)  

My coil on Suzuki Crystal RC110Y has 2 input wires. Black/Red stripe from Mag, Black/White stripe to ground. It is hooked to original Harness. (Output is Spark Plug tap)

I have a Electronic Tach, that has 3 conections:
Yellow/Green Stripe - 12VDC (Mark as such)
Black/Red Stripe - Tach Signal (Marked as such)
Black - Ground (again marked as such) "G" @ screw
Plus it has light connection to Bulb (Postive and ground - seperate from tach wiring)
(See pictures)

I have tried to connect as what would be logical from above. Tach doesn't work. I am not sure were to pick up tach signal, I have tried to tie Yellow/Green stripe into Black/Red stripe lead to coil as I would do in Auto. No response. Do I need to do a Plugwire wrap (If so how many times) as some test equipment Tachs do, I believe it is called Induction...?

Or is Tach Bad. ??

Or as Coil Diagram may suggest do I connect to Black white @ coil??

If I find a Digital tach (normally they have same wiring) how to connect.

I know some CDI Bikes have lead from Box to connect directly to Tach. I believe the Crystal CDI is internal in Coil, As I have been told (and attached Diagram). I have not yet located a Service Manual for Bike 1995 Suzuki Crystal RC110Y

Any Ideas??

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By: news (offline)  Thursday, 08 August 2013 @ 12:25 PM ICT  

He David,

Do you have any idea from which motorcycle the tach meter is? Otherwise we can try to find the service manual for that motorcycle....



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By: davidstipek (offline)  Thursday, 08 August 2013 @ 11:36 PM ICT  


Quote by: news

He David,

Do you have any idea from which motorcycle the tach meter is? Otherwise we can try to find the service manual for that motorcycle....


I have no clue where it came from as far as Manufacturer. I bought at our Saturday/Sunday street Market by Bus Station here in Chiang Mai. I had asked several of the Vendors to try and find me a Electronic Tach as neither the Yamaha Bell or the Suzuki Crystal came with provisions for cable drive tach.

It was funny as I had sorted out all frame issues to locate correct location and be able to adjust Throttle (foot) Rear Brake and Exhaust routing. So, as I could be able to Test different Engine Manufacturers product in Bike, and be comfortable while doing it.

I first wanted to show that it was possible to have Bicycle and Motorcyle operate safely as one, I did. Then I desided that I needed rear suspension, (age I guess) no more hard tail... which I did.

Then I thought because of the High Performance machining we had put into a couple of our Engines I thought I needed a Tach... But also at same time my right leg was telling me... Quietly...Electic Starter! Well I had found a Electronic Tach as friends search for me also. I made a oddly assembled frame to hold Speedo, High beam indicator, Oil and Neutral lights and... Tach. I was also looking for something beyond 3 speeds...

Then one of my friends who was trying to teach me Thai and I teach him english said that at their Motorcycle shop he had s they parted out older bikes alot of Suzuki Air Cooled Engines. They were 2T but we knew that I had found a way to clean up emmissions so that wasn't an issue.

We went and looked them over but none were Electric Start, none had any Tach cable provisions. While there my wifes Uncle happened to stop by and share a brew with my friends Dad. He watched and asked what I was doing, when I told him, he said I hve just what you need in Garage... I will bring to the house later tonight. The rest is History... I got Electric Start, Really low mileage engine, 30 more cc's then I had with Yamaha Y80 Belle power.

We also found that if you use 120cc Exhaust with Expansion and Can, midrange and Topend extremely inproved. I am talking about before changing the torque was max @7400 and HP @ 7500. This Engine will Scream. Using a External Tach w/RF pickup engine will pull an easy 85-8600 and still have power (Engine was still pulling strong @8,500, I physically saw high 9K before I backed off not wanting to blow it! I pulled the resricter out and found a solid tube with one 3/16th hole in center side (see Pic) .

I had wondered at exotic sound of Exhaust, I changed it for correct 110cc'd one RPm is still in low 8,000 without being close to Red Line, In fact I can in 3rd gear... apply throttle and Pass car on Super. As I pass shift to 4th rpm drops to 64-6500. But exhaust is much quieter

Now my quest is a Tach.... Electronic or somehow a conversion to attach cable drive.... Ride On Dreaming




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