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I have bought a 2000 Honda XRV750 African Twin, and everything seems fine the greenbook transfer went without any problems and a mechanic I hired told me the bike is in good condition.

The thing is that I would like to know the service intervals for the XRV750, like when I have change oil, etc, etc... The previous owner was not that clear about the service schedule.

By: news (offline)  Friday, 28 June 2013 @ 07:18 PM ICT  

The simplest thing to learn more about the service intervals of your motorcycle is to read the owner's manual. As you bought the Honda XRV750 secondhand it's possible that the owner's manual did not came with the motorcycle.

Therefore we have made the 2000 Honda XRV750 owner's manual available for you.

You can download the 2000 Honda XRV750 owner's manual here:

- Honda XRV750 AfricanTwin Owner's Manual English



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