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A quick guide to three bikes that are all ideal for newcomers to the motorcycling scene. Bikes that are small and light and relatively inexpensive to buy, insure and run, and that will get you into work every day or, indeed, out and about for a bit of weekend fun.

Honda CBF125

The little Honda CBF125 has been on the UK motorcycle market since its launch in 2009 and has been a real sales success for the famous Japanese motorcycle brand. The CBF125 is squarely aimed at new riders looking to get into motorcycling and who will need a bike that's not too big, powerful or fast. And the CBF125 is none of those things.

With a top speed of around 60mph; depending on how heavy the rider is; the CBF125 can just about handle a motorway with its 60mph cruising speed, but will more likely be better suited to the A roads and B roads of the UK. And while riding it for any distance, every rider will enjoy a brilliant economy figure of around 80mpg. That's unbeatable!

Priced from around £1,000 on the used bike market, many of us could afford to buy, insure and run a Honda CBF125, and with its strong reliability record, it's quite unlikely that the CBF125 will be going wrong any time soon, as long as it's looked after.

Yamaha YBR125
Yamaha motorcycle dealer because you like the traditionally blue and white Japanese bikes, then perhaps the Yamaha YBR125 could be the ideal small bike for you. It's made in the same style as the Honda CBF125, with frugal commuters, learners and those new to motorcycling being entirely the customer targets for these small and practical motorbikes.

Where the Honda CBF125 might just have a bit of an edge on the Yamaha YBR125 is the fact that the little Honda has a fairing to help keep the wind and rain off the rider. However, the Yamaha has a rear rack which is very useful for carrying loads around town or securing a top box to the back of the bike. The Honda doesn't have a rear rack, although one can be easily purchased from a whole range of aftermarket products made especially for the bike.

In short, either the little Honda or the tiny Yamaha would make good beginner's bikes, as well as super-frugal and nippy city commuting machines, with strong reliability records present for both machines.

Yamaha Aerox R 50cc scooter
We can't talk about beginner's motorcycles without talking about the ever-popular twist & go scooter. And the funky-styled Yamaha Aerox R 50cc scooter can be purchased brand new from just £2,199. It looks great, goes well with its responsive 50cc, 2-stroke petrol engine, and can even store a full-face safety helmet under its seat meaning that you don't have to carry it around town with you once the bike is parked.

These latest generation 50cc scooters from Yamaha feature all of the latest engine tech for best economy, and with a careful right hand you could see nearly 100mpg. As petrol prices grow ever steadily, super-frugal bikes like these are making more and more sense to more and more people, especially now as the weather begins to improve. Swap you car for a scooter and the savings in running costs could have paid for the scooter in a matter of months. That's something to think about.

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I'm very sure that all this motorcycles you write about are not available in Thailand....



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