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Hi everyone I'm from Indonesia and recently just bought PCX150 and few things make me curious.

Unlike PCX 125, seems like all PCX 150 globally missing the on-off switch for headlight/lamp.
The PCX 125 for Indonesia and Vietnam still have the said on-off switch but not with PCX 150.
I have a plan to obtain the switch from PCX 125 and install it in PCX 150.

So my question is:

1. Is there anyone in this forum knew the information about this switch availability in Thailand?
Since PCX made in Thailand perhaps some of the parts could be easily tracked and purchased.
I prefer the original switch not the after market switch. But if there is difficulty to get the original
switch I guess I'm okay with after market as long as it is a plug and play switch.

2. I have the wiring diagram of PCX 125 Thailand, PCX 125 Vietnam and PCX 150 global, after
comparing it I can't not find the way to install the switch without cut and rewiring the cable. I see
many Thai PCX owner do the modification as shown in some local forum (which unfortunately
I can't read and understand even after using google translate). So anyone knew how to install
the headlight switch without cutting and rewiring existing cable? Perhaps using cable extension?

3. I also curious with the original body panel of PCX USA (Second panel after the glove box and
on the upper part after fuel panel) they have the parking brake lock knob and blinker placement.
Is there a way to purchase such panel in Thailand?

Thanks for the help.


PS: I try to register to this forum but have difficulties to receive the verification link.

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