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Hi, could anybody be able to email, pictures, prices, links or contracts for aftermarket performance parts to fit my cbr125r 2007 which I am setting up to go racing with my son.
Look for.. Full race Exhaust system. Rear sets. 0 Fibre glass body work panels. Brake & clutch levels, Handle bars,
Front sprocket 15 teeth & or 16 teeth Rear sprockets 42 tooth & or 38 tooth Chain to match.
Front shock race springs Rear race shock
Maybe the carbon fibre front and rear wheels? That would great
From Russell in Sydney Australia.



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By: news (offline)  Friday, 08 March 2013 @ 04:20 PM ICT  

Hello Russel,

The biggest problem is probably that we not have the Honda CBR125R in Thailand, but we have the slightly bigger CBR150R. And I believe I have seen several kits to turn a Honda CBR125R into a CBR150R or even bigger.

One of the kids in our neighborhood has turned his old model (carburetor version) into a 190cc with a big-bore kit. Not sure if a big-bore kit currently is available for the 2012/2013 Honda CBR150R PGM-FI model.

Carbon fiber wheels are probably to expensive to use on a 125/150cc motorcycle. I have a set of carbon-fiber wheels for my liter-bike and they cost more than a new Honda CBR150Ri PGM-FI will cost.

I'm sure you can find find some of the parts / and information, you need by visiting the websites of part companies that are featured in our website directory (



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