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Replaced harness (Wiring) and bought new CDI to complete wiring issues.

In beginning I had fabricated harness as I felt needed. Now that bike is done to clean up the scrambled mess I had made I bought a replacement Yamaha 80-111 harness. Also because CDI had areas where not sealed right and when it rained sometime engine died, I replaced it also.

Okay new harness is in Bike, everything connected perfectly... except one wire!

White/Blue stripe at Mag/Engine. Even new CDI has White/Blue Stripe okay. It seems this is the only two connections for this wire

Mag Wiring:
Green (White stripe@ Harness)
Green/Red stripe(Green/White stripe @ Harness)
White/Red stripe
Black/Red stripe
Yellow (Yellow/Red stripe @ Harness)

Harness Wiring
Yellow/Red stripe
Green/White stripe
White/Red stripe
White/Blue stripe ???? This is wire in question??

System is 12V. I have checked four other Mag. Plate assemblies (two 6V and two 12V) and they are same as mine. Only difference was Early 12V as it still had:

Green instead of white
Green/Red stripe instead of white stripe
Yellow instead of Yellow/Red stripe

None of the 5 Mag. Assemblies (all are complete) have a white/blue stripe!
All the 12V assemblies I have also have in harness;
Lite/Blue - Neutral Switch Light
Blue/White stripe - Top Gear Light

I don't want to even try to fire bike up as this wire is only between CDI Box and Apparently Magneto Assembly.

Can anyone help me find a home for this wire??





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