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Its always difficult to please everybody, still currently we still have the idea that an open forum, where everybody can post, is the prefered option. The alternative would be a closed system where everybody needs to register to post on the forum.

Of course as a registered user on this forum you have additional benefits, first and maybe most important other forum members take you more serious, second you not have to fill in difficult CAPTCHA security codes, and you can send and receive Personal Messages from other members, also you can place, and reply to, Classified Ads.

Near future benefits would be discounts on places to stay in Thailand, also we are negotiating with an insurance company to get some serious discounts for our members (not only for motorcycle insurance).

We have currently 2900 Facebook members, of which about 1100 are also registered as member on our website. If anybody has any ideas for special offers/discounts for our members, you can always contact us at



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