By: Anonymous: Somchai ()  Thursday, 29 November 2007 @ 03:27 PM ICT (Read 11060 times)  

Some disturbing news after lots of discussion it seems that the end for the Honda CBR-150R is near, as we understand will Honda Thailand nor APHonda introduce a CBR-150R equipped with PGM-FI or any other form of electronic fuel injection systems.

According to Honda, the technology Honda has development with the PGM-FI system for small motorcycles is intended for engines of 125cc or smaller.

This can confirm the belief that Honda is going to introduce, 250cc model onto the Thai market. We asked Honda Executives at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show last month, as the Honda CBR-150R was not featured.

A possible replacement for the Honda CBR-150R is the worldwide widely available all-round Honda CBF-250/CBX-250. This bike has replaced much of the 150cc models in countries where 150cc motorcycles previous where the preferred choice.

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