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Wifey has a year old Yamaha Fino classic that she just loves, except that the tyres go flat in a week or two unless pumped up. We've had it back to the dealer to replace the tubes but the situation remains that the tyres go soft way too soon.

We've tried new valves to no avail and just can't understand the huge difference between my PCX with tubeless tyres that never needs air for months, and the Fino's tubes that go flat every week.

Perhaps we need a new dealer!

That aside, can anyone recommend new tubeless rims and tyres for the Fino? Has anyone done it? What is your experience and cost?


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By: news (offline)  Thursday, 01 November 2012 @ 02:19 PM ICT  

One time I had the same problem, and it was solved when I bought another brand of inside tubes, they where a bit more expensive but I was turning crazy in trying to find why the tires where empty ever few days, so a bit more money was no problem.

I have no idea which inside tubes I bought, it's some time ago. But I guess you can shop around and find a bit better quality.

Buying new wheels for your Yamaha Fino to be able to use tubeless tires seems a bit overkill at the moment... But if you look around you can find a huge amount of wheels available from motorcycle shops...



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