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Guardian Angel, an Android Phone application, may help to save lives. Basically it detects when the wire is disconnected from the earphones, and in case you donĀ“t cancel the operation, it will send a text message with your position to the contacts which you prefer. It is very useful in case of solitary accident, in which you can pass several hours unconscious untill someone sees you, in that case it might be too late.

The use is simple: fix an earphones wire connector to your motocycle or bike, and connect the wire to you phone, which you should put in some pocket. If you unfortunately fall, the wire should be disconnected and after a few seconds it will send the text messages to the contacts that you have chosen. if you use your phone attached to the bike as a GPS for example you should fix the wire to you and the function will be the same. Since this is a app for the common safety, it is free and with no apps.

You can download the Guardian Angel Android Phone App here:

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By: Anonymous: Wastedbin ()  Wednesday, 19 September 2012 @ 06:43 AM ICT  

Nice app did anybody installed it?

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