By: Anonymous: guest yamaha ()  Tuesday, 04 September 2012 @ 10:31 PM ICT (Read 1738 times)  

its the current model,
fuel injected
4 speed manual
got the mag wheel option
faster than the wave
near new, have done 11,000 km
i have changed the oil every 1000 kms and the oil filter every three thousand, got a new iridium spark plug
the original price was 54000baht
i take off 1000 baht for every 1000 km so ill drop it to 40,000

i rode a lot of waves they are farm bikes this is more sporty and sounds better the suspension hug the road better its got a monoshock on the back, can beat standard pcx all waves and other small bikes just put a new rear tire on the back and changed the oil again.
its still under waranty. never crashed or dropped over.

0843779397 ask for aki or ket.
got the green book of course.

im in chonburi, but i can get the bike to bkk or chiang mai sorry i cant really go down to south thailand

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