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After looking around for months at different styles of bikes and my skinny pocket book, I finally got myself a bike. A Honda I am not a huge fan of the racing bike style (being hunched over and all) but I got a great deal for it. (Family) I would like to change it into a Streetfighter (Yes, I can here you all screaming NO!), but I love the look of the Streetfighter and it allows my large bulky frame to sit upright.

OK question time........Does anyone know where I can find a market that sells the headlamps, rear fairing and other bits I need to make it into a Streetfighter.

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By: news (offline)  Wednesday, 22 August 2012 @ 08:08 AM ICT  

The Honda CBR400RR was really popular mid-90s in Japan, and I guess you will find most parts from there. Honda never introduced the CBR400RR to any other markets than the domestic Japanese market. So not sure how much aftermarket parts you will find outside Japan.

In Japan the aftermarket parts/accessories market for 400cc motorcycles is almost similar to what in Thailand is available for the step-through scooters.

Most of this aftermarket parts are manufactured in Japan or China, and the good part is that you can get them into Thailand almost without paying any import duty.

You only need to find a reliable Japanese motorcycle dealer or part/accessories store who will supply you...



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