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We are planning a bike trip along Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. First we were considering taking a chopper like Platinum monaco 250 (it is an analogue to Honda phantom, but much cheaper: a new one costs 80,000 thb), but in the end we decided to take enduro as we are really interested in offroad travelling.

So we are now choosing between 250 cc bikes that cost less than 80,000 thb:
Platinum px250 (75,000 thb)
Click on image to open

Gpx zf250 enduro
Click on image to open

Lifan Lf250gy-7 aka Lifan Satan 250
Click on image to open

Shineray XY250GY-4 Enduro (38,000 thb)
but currently it's not possible to get this motorcycles registered, may be later it will become possible
Click on image to open

One of the main challenge is for the bike to carry two people with the baggage (the total weight would be not more than 150 kg)
It is important that the bike would be maintained in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos
The amount of HP is important as well, considering the budget constrints (400 would be ideal, but they are too expensive)

After buying a bike, we are planning to upgrade it a little:
We would like to change the seat, to make it more comfortable for the driver and the passanger ( to built in the backrest and armrests)
Click on image to open
Install wide steps for both a driver and a passanger,
Install a protective frame,
Boxes on the sides and behind,
May be we should make a back suspension stronger,
Built in a panel for GPS navigator, ipad, camera with 12 v output
Build in a windshield
If the bike is on offroad wheels, we would prefer to change tires

We are not considering buing a bike that cannot be officially registered (like Peak Thunder 250)

Also we are not considering bikes like Honda crf250 or Kawasaki klx250 either new or used as they are too expensive.

Could younplease help us with the following questions:
Which bike to buy?
Where would it be possible to weld the protective frame and have other additional features installed? Obviously we would like it to be cheap and of high quality. Please advise if you know of any workshops or specialistswho would be able to dothis?

Thank you in advance



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By: news (offline)  Monday, 13 August 2012 @ 01:04 PM ICT  

Hello, first welcome to our forum...

To answer your questions, the motorcycles you have selected do all not qualify for the task you want to do. First the Platinum PX250 is so far as I know never passed the sample/test model, the GPX ZF250 Enduro is available in Thailand but is not easy to get registered and service in Laos or Cambodia is probably not available.

The only Lifan LF250GY-7 in Thailand is in our warehouse and is not for sale, Lifan Thailand doesn't offer this model in Thailand.

For the Shineray XY250GY-4, the motorcycle cannot be registered in Thailand, it can take 6 months to maybe a year before that would be possible (and no guaranties that it will ever possible).

Motorcycles that are available I would suggest you look at the Lifan LF200GY-5, Mbike Enduro 200, or a Keeway TX M200. Not sure if Platinum still sells the PX175.

For the passenger seat/frame I see no problems, you can find enough shophouse companies that do stainless-steel welding. If you cannot find any we can recommend one who does some work for us in the past.



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By: internet (offline)  Monday, 13 August 2012 @ 02:01 PM ICT  

Quote by: news

Hello, first welcome to our forum...

Hello, thanks

200 cc is very small for trvelling two people, i realize that 250 cc small too, but 400 cc is very expensive.
And for crossing Laos border a bike must be not less than 250 cc.

Platinum PX250 i saw at motorshow in PTT two weeks ago and now this bike is in a dealer shop in PTT for 75,000 thb. with registration.

I found no dealers for GPX ZF250 Enduro in Pattaya, may be I can find one in Bangkok and they can register the bike for me? Do you know anything about it?

About Lifan. Why is it assembled in Thailand and not sold here?! But I woold prefer this bike (price, size, many parts). Are there any chances i can buy it here?

Shineray XY250GY-4 very low price and really i want to begin traveling in january, but i must buy a bike earlier (I need time for changing red plates to white, do all the upgrades, try first 3000 km. not far from home and dealer shop) and have no time to wait half year Sad

So in the end i should buy Platinum and have no other choice...

Quote by: news

For the passenger seat/frame I see no problems, you can find enough shophouse companies that do stainless-steel welding. If you cannot find any we can recommend one who does some work for us in the past.

Thanks, I will contact you if I find nobody in Pattaya.



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By: Anonymous: Bink ()  Monday, 13 August 2012 @ 06:32 PM ICT  

The problem with all motorcycles you can buy in Thailand, which are reasonable affordable is that they all are official allowed into Laos. The new Laos law says that the motorcycle needs to have a combustion engine which is bigger than 250cc.

All motorcycles you mention, including the Honda CRF250L and the Kawasaki KLX250 are less than 250cc and are officially not allowed to enter Laos. But I know that some border-crossings make exceptions, which border-crossings and why they make exceptions is not really clear. Maybe you should contact the Laos embassy.

By: news (offline)  Monday, 13 August 2012 @ 11:09 PM ICT  

I'm a bit confused, because based on an official notification of the Laos Ministry of Transport, Post and Construction No 1552/MTPC dated 8 July 1996 all kinds of motorcycle over 250cc are prohibited from being imported into Lao PDR.

Of course they probably have different regulations for temporary imported motorcycles. But I cannot find anything that says that motorcycles below 250cc are not allowed to enter the country.

I have been to Laos a few times and seen several Thai motorcycles, which where 110 or 125cc Honda Wave style motorcycles... So best you contact the Lao embassy to get the real facts about entering the country by motorcycle....



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By: ThaiDesign (offline)  Tuesday, 14 August 2012 @ 12:23 PM ICT  

Why do you not go for a 250cc v-twin cruiser (both good on torque, with enough HP), you can buy two models in Thailand that are also serviced in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Please remember that you maybe feel that the quality of a Honda CRF250L or a Kawasaki KLX250 is higher, but in the sticks in Laos you unlikely find a Kawasaki dealer who has experience with a KLX250, or for that fact a Honda dealer with experience with a CRF250L.

The best rule of thumb is use technology they use in the country you travel to, bringing a fuel-injection motorcycle to a country where 99% of the bikes are still using carburetors is asking for trouble.

I know some shops in Vientiane offer the Kawasaki KLX250 as rental, but this are imported motorcycles and Kawasaki has currently no official dealer in Laos, for Honda in Laos they also not have the CRF250L in the line-up.

So buy a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> Lifan LF250-B or a Keeway Cruiser 250, which are also sold in Laos and Cambodia... so dealers and service locations are much easier to find....



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By: Richard (offline)  Wednesday, 15 August 2012 @ 04:41 PM ICT  

The best advice is if you go to a countries on a motorcycle, use a motorcycle which is around the same technological level. Second good advice is select a motorcycle they also sell in the country you're traveling to, so that spare parts are available.

The ASEAN region has a free trade agreement but sending parts from Thailand to Laos or Cambodia can be a bureaucratical nightmare and can take with transport and customs quickly more than a week before you have the spare part in your hand.

Honda Laos, and Honda Cambodia not sell the Honda CBR250R, CRF250L or and basically the biggest fully supported motorcycle is a Dream 125 (with carburetor).

The Kawasaki KLX250, or the D-Tracker 250 is also not available in Laos or Cambodia, some rental shops rent them out and probably have some spare parts on stock. But you have not guarantee that they sell this parts if you need them and if they sell them you would probably be shocked about the price they asked.

So the best choice is buy a nice Honda XR250 Baja, fix it and refurbish it so it doesn't let you down. In both Cambodia and Laos the XR250 is well known, it is basically a low-tech motorcycle and lots of shops in both countries have experience with this Honda.

If you want something new, buy a Lifan, Lifan sells motorcycles in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, and if you would go for a LF200GY-5 you will be able to buy spare parts in all countries bordering Thailand.



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By: internet (offline)  Friday, 17 August 2012 @ 09:17 AM ICT  

Thanks all.

Today tried Honda africa twin - very good bike, but found a problem with docs...

After long time thinking we desided take Lifan cross 200 and modifikate it.
We will try it around Pattaya for two months to see what it is like.  
If the bike is good - we go on a trip by it. If we don't like the bike- we use it insted of a scooter and take cruiser Lifan 250 for long trips.

That's our decision for today, though we might change something later...



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By: internet (offline)  Friday, 17 August 2012 @ 12:35 PM ICT  

Today we saw two kinds of Lifan 200: cross lf200gy-5 and x-plorer lf200gy-5a

Rear tyres 18" and have 2 kinds - hard offroad and middle offroad (different high knobbies)
Front tyres 21" also with different knobbies
Gear box: 1-st up, other down (inversion compared to other bikes)
Clutch is hard
Has a trunk
Bad muffler
Footsteps for passenger are in low position
Has plastic protection against dirt around rear vehicle
Hard suspension

Rear and front tyres are 17" and road style
Gear box: 1-st down, others up (similar to other bikes)
Clutch is soft
has no trunk
Muffler is better
Footsteps for passenger are in high position and have a hole for other construction (for example - trunk on both sides)
has no protection around rear vehicle
Soft suspension
Electronic odometer
Modern headlight, round mirrors, and other plastik accesorieses
Saler says that the engine is more modern but with similar power

Strong sides of the cross model for me:
Tyres, trunk, hard suspension, plastik dirt protection.

Strong sides of the x-plorer model for me:
Normal gear box, soft clutch, muffler.

Price difference is 1000 thb (cross - 45000, x-plorer - 46000).

Now i'm puzzeld Sad



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