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A 35-year-old man whose alleged assaults on motorcyclists on Rama III Road were posted online has been arrested. Madaree Hemman-ngarn, a worker living in Charoen Krung Soi 99, was detained yesterday for allegedly attacking motorcyclists by kicking their vehicles at Rama III Soi 19 on Monday night, Pol Maj Gen Vorasak Nopsittiporn, deputy chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, said.

Mr Madaree allegedly confessed he had kicked at motorcycles passing the area in a fit of anger at the speeding, noisy bikes.

He insisted he was neither a police volunteer nor a police officer as reported. He said he had not acted under the influence of alcohol.

The arrest of the suspect came after a video clip, showing a man thought to be a police officer in casual clothes trying to stop motorcyclists by kicking at their vehicles, spread quickly on the internet and drew criticism from citizens.



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