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Triumph will open its second overseas factory in India, the much hoped Thai factory expansion is for now off the table.

Triumph will invest an estimated €125-million in the new production facility, and it should be completed and ready in 2015. With this factory, the British motorcycle manufacturer will join Yamaha and Honda in the quest to win over the Indian market.

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By: Anonymous: TigerCub ()  Monday, 23 July 2012 @ 06:23 AM ICT  

British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph is planning to enter the Indian motorcycle market in a big way, say officials from that country.

According to Indian government officials from the country’s Karnataka region are saying Triumph is looking to buy 30 acres of land to build a manufacturing facility, to be operational by 2015.

Triumph is hoping to build 250,000 bikes a year in the project’s initial phase, then boost that production to 500,000 machines annually; to put that in perspective, Triumph currently manufactures about 50,000 bikes a year between its factories in the U.K. and Thailand.

The factory won’t likely be building bikes from Triumph’s current lineup; most motorcycles on the road in India are relatively small, usually between 100cc and 200cc. Supposedly, Triumph is working on a small-displacement single-cylinder machine that will be affordable for Indian buyers, possibly with more than one variation. It’s supposed to have an engine between 250cc and 350cc, with liquid cooling and a four-valve head.

This would mesh with rumours that have been flying for months now, that Triumph is working on an entry-level beginner bike; perhaps Triumph is also planning to bring their Indian-manufactured machine back to the western world as a low-priced machine for new riders.

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