By: Anonymous: gaur73 ()  Friday, 06 July 2012 @ 12:10 PM ICT (Read 13617 times)  

Do you have a review on the Keeway TXM 200cc

By: news (offline)  Friday, 06 July 2012 @ 12:19 PM ICT  

The review for the Keeway TX M200 can take some time, in the past we reviewed the Mbike Delta 200



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By: Anonymous: art 123 ()  Thursday, 08 November 2012 @ 03:49 AM ICT  

Just to give u guys a basic review on the txm 200, since i had my for about a month and 3days. I puted 4000 km on it already. The bike is a well rounded machine and well suited for a long distance ridding. The inverted front suspension is a bit too soft and tend to bottom out when u hit big bumb and there are lots of it in Thailand. The rear shock is well adjusted and a bit more stiff.

I put a top box on my and carry some stuff and it seem to be quite alright. The engine got good high end tourqe but lack low end. You really have to rev it to get the bike to move in the low range. The cluch need to be adjusted when I first got it and it seem to have difficulty shifting in to neutral. The idle speed also need to be adjusted to a lower rpm and carburator need to be lean out.

After adjusting these three steps the bike run a lot better. Since the bike doesn't have a radiator only oil cooler, it doesn't like to be sitting in a traffic for along time. When the engine get too hot the gear become a bit difficult to shift. You really have to work at it to get it to shift into the gear that you want. If you are planning to ride exclusively in bkk, a full synthetic motor oil is required. Another issue with ridding in bkk is the side mirrows of the bike. It happened to be at the same high of most pickup truck.

This make it very difficult to get through traffic, but this can be easily fixed with a new set of side mirrow. The seat is quite comfy and wide, unlike its counter part kawasaki D-tracker. The gasoline consumpsion is average around 32km / litre for city use and 38km / litre for out skirt highway. Comfortable cruising speed is @ 85-95 km/hr and top speed max out @ 128km/hr. Overall I think it a good bike for it price of 61900 baht, providing you do a lot of riding away from the traffic. If you live on an out skirt of bkk or you just looking for a weekend get away this bike is perfect for you!

By: Anonymous: Matchless ()  Monday, 24 June 2013 @ 07:02 AM ICT  

I was very interested in your review of the TXM. I am thinking of buying one to do some touring around the country areas of Thailand. My question is about the carburettor and the types of fuel available. Does the Keeway run on ethanol blends of fuel or must it only use straight benzene?

By: news (offline)  Monday, 24 June 2013 @ 09:51 AM ICT  

The Keeway TXM200 is equipped with a carburetor, but you can use gasohol (E10, or fuel blends that contains 10% ethanol) or gasoline. Even for the RON ratio of the fuel the Keeway runs fine with RON 91 and RON 95 fuels.



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By: Anonymous: John ()  Thursday, 11 September 2014 @ 12:05 AM ICT  

I have a Tx 200 since 8 month and i feel like sharing my experience.
I know everyone are very sceptic regarding Chinese brand and i hope my review will help some of you. Especially to those who dont't speack spanish and are desperate to find an english review ! ( Seems that keeway is very popular in south america )

Riding in Bangkok is not a issue at all,
The bike is light ( only 135 Kgs ) the " turning " radius is large, and the gear wheel is small enough to offer a great handiness.
All together it make the ridring through the traffic quite easy and I can snake in and out without any problem.

The position on the bike is natural and the seat is very comfortable, even for long distance riding.
The speed limit is what you can expect for a 200 CC. I reach 125km on the road to Bangna. In my opinion it is more than enough in Bangkok.
The breaking system respond well and the engine break is quite good.
I find it very convenient in Bangkok when you always have to low your speed and accelerate again.

The rear and front light do the the job well and there is a button to make flash light.Pretty useful on sukhumvit where there are lots of U turn.

However like all bikes in the world and according to riders expectations,, there could be some improvement.
For me the low gear speed could be a little higher and i would improve the neutral position switch, which can takes several seconds to find.
( If keeway riders have tips to improve those 2 points it would be nice if you could share your opinion ! )

So to resume i would say that it is a great bike that work very well and very good looking ! I ride it to go to work every day and i am very happy with it so far !

By: Anonymous: goofy ()  Sunday, 27 November 2016 @ 02:11 AM ICT  

How tall are you people who have txm200?

By: Anonymous: Khanom ()  Sunday, 27 November 2016 @ 07:04 AM ICT  

I’m 1.94 meter and find the Keeway TXM 200 pretty comfortable to ride, this is mainly because the upright riding position and the 830mm seat height. I have to amid that I let a saddle shop in Bangkok reshape the seat a little bit. I don’t think that the seat height changed that much, but I let the saddle shop use the best quality foam he could get. The difference in seat you can feel after riding a hour. Changing the seat costed me around 400 baht, 450 baht if you count the beer I give him after he was finished.

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