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Hi everyone

I am changing the motor in my Y80 Belle Chopper to a Yamaha Mate111Super. I understand they also made an electric start Version of this engine. This I would like to find!!!
Also need Manuals for Mate111Super and Mate111SuperEL (Electricstart) This way maybe I can find parts to convert my Super to n SuperEL. Also believe the Crank induced fan will enhance cooling of Engine. Plan is underway now to modify head and block to increase reliability and increase HP. For some reason I like Strokers, 2 Cycle.... Also changing Brakes from my Disc setup to Yamaha Disc/Drum setup off the Super, using same wheels and tires I was using before.

Did they ever make a 4 cycle version of the Mate111Super/EL ?

I have another Build in progress that I would like to use a 4 Cycle 80-125cc Yamaha in. Would try Honda but not the tools to work on... Yamaha yes... Now if someone has a older Honda thats been wrecked and wants to donate for a small sum then I can see the extra to rebuild and purchase tools needed for Honda. This would also push Honda's sales of Parts!! as people see what they can Build on their own.

The Yamaha Y80 Belle Chopper went from this (100_1874) as a stock belle to (100_1863) as a Bicycle/Motorcycle combo. Then I desided t try without the Pedals and move shift to foot lever instead of hand shift (beside left leg) to current (100_1950) look of Motorcycle. Will still change exhaust from Belle to Mate111Super to get different look and increased flow.


(If I got a Complete - wrecked bike (Honda) I would have as I did with my Yamaha, parts to use to complete bike)

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