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All Platinum motorbikes recalled in Phuket

The owners of all Platinum motorbikes have had their vehicles recalled says Phuket's Platinum Motor Dealership. The recall has been initiated because Platinum Motor Sales Co Ltd, which imports the products from China, has failed to supply adequate amounts of spare parts and several aspects of the motorbikes have been increasingly viewed as below acceptable standards, said Parinya Chaisorn, Platinum Dealer for Phuket and Ranong. He explained that he had spent over 2 million baht setting up his showroom and that the bikes were incredibly popular with his dealership making the best sales of all Platinum outlets in Thailand selling 400 bikes in just two months.

"I estimated that I would have sold at least 2,000 motorbikes this year alone but problems started to arise. One customer alone brought his bike back to get fixed at least ten times. We ended up having to buy spare parts from Honda to be able to make repairs or sometimes just replace the entire bike. I had to employ 8 technicians to deal with all the problems. At one point we were getting 30 to 40 motorbikes brought in to be fixed everyday. It was a haunting moment for me every time I heard the sound of a motorbike."

Despite having spent such large amounts of money on the business K.Parinya, who also operates Andaman Jacuzzi (Thailand) Co Ltd, his focus has remained on maintaining his good business reputation.

"Platinum is only one of my businesses. My main business is selling luxury products to an exclusive market. As a goodwill gesture to all my Platinum customers I am willing to return all monies paid for these bikes. My customers have all praised me for my honesty and I may consider investing in other brands of motorbikes but only if I can guarantee that my customers will get an acceptable standard of quality."

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As the article is apparently is from 26 February 2006, and Platinum motorcycles are still one sale. We can amuse that the quality has been improved.

Personally I know several people who bought a Platinum motorcycle after 26 February 2006, I cannot say anything else then that I belief that they happy with the bikes.

One has one of the new Platinum PX175 enduro motorcycle models, he uses this bike daily for his home to work commuting and has to dated not had any serious repairs done. I believe that he changed the endure tires to road all-round tires to improve the riding comfort.

The second bike is a two cylinder 250cc Monaco motorcycle, which was bought by the Bangkok city administration as test motorcycle. This motorcycle has been tested to the limit I would recommend for any two-wheeler. After testing this motorcycle went into service and is now used by Chakuchak environmental inspection unit. The operating cost to date, oil change, tires, and some minor repairs due to a small accident.



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