By: Anonymous: David ()  Thursday, 31 May 2012 @ 05:49 PM ICT (Read 10811 times)  

We are aware of the differing prices for this bike, so today I went to the two main dealers in Chiang Mai to check.

Both dealers had tags on their 250Ls with the asking price of 139,900 baht.
But I noticed that some of the bikes had receipts and keys taped to the handlebars with a price showing of 134,900 baht.
When I asked about the difference I was told 'that special price for last month.' 'May is 139,900 baht'.

Then I was told 'Special price tomorrow 145,000 baht'. !!!!!!
Nice way to bring in the new month.
At this rate of escalating prices for the 250L I wonder how much it will be by years end!

I am not impressed with AP Honda's cynical pricing manipulations with their 250L.
I know the various dealers can basically ask what they want but I fail to see why AP Honda can't set one firm and consistent price for this bike.
Kawasaki can.

I don't think the bike is worth more that 130,000 baht and I certainly object to AP Honda's strategy.
They botched the introduction of this bike and they are still playing games with us.

On principle alone I would opt for the KLX250.

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