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I don't understand the business with accessories for motorcycles in Thailand instead of being easy is more then hard to find and get anything.

For my Ninja 250R I've been looking for accessories and at least bought many parts for more then 250,000 THB made my Ninja a more then 400,000 THB expensive motorcycle, but nearly everything I had to buy from abroad and here some examples to understand my misunderstanding.

- from Kittisak Racing I'd get the oil cooler and now I saw that they also sell a mesh guard for it and I went to buy it, but no change because they only sell it together with the whole kit. The guard I'd buy in Japan at Takegawa.
- from YSS I'd want to buy the PD Fork Valves but even as they're produced here in Thailand they only sell them in the USA. So I'd buy the original from Race Tech, because of getting a better price.
- I've been looking for wider rims and bought them in Indonesia. The wider rims for the Ninja I now found out are nearly all produced here in Thailand but shipped to and sold in Indonesia.

For me as I live in Thailand now it is important to spend my money here at home to keep the business strong but I can't and that really makes me feel sorry and at least I am really envious about the big accessory market for the Ninja 250 in Indonesia and cannot understand why I can't get the parts here in Thailand since they are produced here.

I don't believe that the market for the Ninja 250 here in Thailand is to small because every Ninja 250 I see here is modded and upgraded. The best example how it's going on is the shop don't selling me the mesh guard for the oil cooler. I'd ask the man if he don't want my money and he smiled.

So what is the reason? Maybe anybody could help me to understand. Thank you.

Sorry when I tell it all this way but many more foreigner until now made the same experience here.

And please understand that I know what I'm talking about, since my job before was consultant in the outdoor services for BMW car dealers management.

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