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How about the future of the Honda CBR 150R is this year, the last year?

To answer this question correct we have to look at several things what are said over the last year, first when Honda introduced the Honda Wave 125i, Honda informed the world that the PGM-FI for small engines was for motorcycles with a engine displacement not exceeding 125cc, with this information in combination with the latest speech from the Honda CEO, in which he told the press that in the end of 2009 all motorcycles in Thailand would be equipped with PGM-FI, you could assume that this is it and the end has come for the Honda CBR 150R.

But outside the press rooms and with less media attention we can see that Honda changed the specifications for the PGM-FI, it currently specifies single cylinder engine from 50cc to 250cc. Which is well within the specs of our CBR 150R...

But to some inside source told us that developing a fuel-injection system for the 150cc CBR 150R engine would cost similar to building and designing a new engine. When I asked the same source about a motorcycle with 250cc and PGM-FI for Thailand, the source said “PGM-FI is a product of Honda Thailand”, “for 250cc you just have to see what happens”.



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By: Anonymous: Syll ()  Sunday, 28 March 2010 @ 10:24 PM ICT  

At the Motorshow Honda people confirmed that the Honda CBR 150R is out of production, and they (dealers) will sell it until the stock last.

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