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I´m Markus from Germany, I´m traveling, with my girlfriend, around the world - now i need new tires for my BMW F 650 Touratech Rallye -

the dimensond are 21" 90x90 front and 18" 140x80 or 90 - i prefore Michelin Anakee ...Continetal TKC 80 or Heidenau Scout

at the moment we´re on Koh Phayam - we wanna go further at the next few days... so it´s possibile to order this tires and what is the price of them.

regards Markus and Esther

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Hello Markus,

You should have no problems in finding your Michelin tire in Thailand (Continetal and Heidenau are not available in Thailand). To find a Michelin motorcycle tire dealer you just need to click on the link below this and a list of dealers appears (takes some time so relax).

Of course you can also contact the official BMW Motorcycle dealers in Bangkok...

BKK Motorcycles Co. Ltd - Telephone: 02-673 3102 to 5



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