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Dear visitors,

Our Motorcycle Thailand E-zine software development team, with a major thanks to the worlds biggest search engine, we will soon upgrade our website. This upgrade will involve a much tighter secure, and in the worst case scenario some visitors would not be able to open the Motorcycle Thailand E-zine website.

In that case our support team and our technological sponsor will do anything possible to restore the browsing capability to our website.

You maybe ask yourself, why a popular website like Motorcycle Thailand go's to reject visitors, the answer is easy.... Daily we pay for our popularity, we host our website and need to pay for the data traffic to our server. And as of now we have daily traffic of around 2000 visitors who try to post illegal spam content or hack or try to make our server crash.

The benefits of our upgrade, as you probably would expect... our site search engine was improved by a factor 100... It is good to have friends at the right 'search engine' places. Again, our thanks for this Summer Supporting and Sponsoring.

Other then our major beneficiaries in 2008, the new year would also be completely different for Motorcycle Thailand E-zine, from March 2009 Motorcycle Thailand E-zine has to be completely self supporting.

For people who have any connectivity problems to our website, or have problems posting legit material to Motorcycle Thailand please contact us at



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