By: Anonymous: Thom ()  Sunday, 19 October 2008 @ 10:56 PM ICT (Read 2740 times)  

My Yamaha Fino has begun to play up of late. The spark plug gets oiled up and the bike will then not restart. This can happen when I stop on a longish run, or from cold starting. I have replaced battery and plug, plus it has been into a local bike garage four times recently.

I would be grateful for any suggestions or information....

By: news (offline)  Thursday, 23 October 2008 @ 09:59 AM ICT  

I have not much experience with spark plug getting oiled up in a four-stroke, I cannot think where the oil would come from. I would contact the nearest Yamaha dealer.....



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By: Anonymous: Carl ()  Thursday, 23 October 2008 @ 10:08 AM ICT  

You don't specify which grade or model of plug you are using, but presuming it to be the correct one then try a different brand of oil and make certain that the autolube pump is properly setup. Do not be tempted to run a hotter plug unless it is just for short journeys.

When was the bike last decoked? As any blockage within the cylinder head or ports can cause these symptoms. Also check that the exhaust pipe hasn't become blocked.

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