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It seems to be no one has access to Service manual for this Bike (1983 - 1991) So I will ask simpler questions that will help me rebuild wiring to close if not duplicate of original setup.

1 Is Bike an AC or DC system?

2 Is Lighting AC or DC setup?

3 looking for Light sockets for oil and neutral switch indicators. Are the bulbs normal 6V or are they led?

4 From Engine Magneto area. Which Color Wire is for Neutral Switch? from here what does Black Red wire do?

5 I need to replace Left Hand Switches... Do I need to use all the extra wires?


Black - Horn
Pink - Horn
Yellow/red stripe - Power lighting
Green - Low Beam
Yellow - Power out - Brake Switches / Rectifier Load / Tail Light
Blue - High Beam
Drk Brown - Left Turn
Drk Green - Right Turn
Tan/white stripe - Power Turn Signals

These I have kinda I.D'd

But there is these wires:

Blue - X - High Beam
Yellow - X - Power out
Green -X - Low Beam
Green/red stripe - ????
Tan - X - Power feed +V
Blue/white stripe - ????
Green/white stripe - ????
Pink - X - Horn
Yellow/red stripe - X - Power feed Headlight switch
Tan/white stripe - X - Power Feed Turn signal switch
Drk Green - X - Right Turn
Black - X - Ground/Horn
white - X - Ignition ????
Drk Brown - X - Left Turn

6 Is charging full wave or 1/2 wave system?

Would really have been nice is if "Yamaha Thailand" had even TRIED to answer my emails, I got linksthat they received them opened and read or at least displayed on their Computer. Then links that they erased them without answering.

Anyone who can help, please...
Khun Chai

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