By: Anonymous: Chang ()  Saturday, 21 May 2011 @ 10:02 AM ICT (Read 4405 times)  

Well my wife bought a Stallion Momo Mini and it is a funny bike although it rides a bit weird with the small "flat" off-road tires and the narrow handle-bars. As it is 125cc it goes like crazy upto about 80km/h. A lot of fun ....

But it is also a typically "made in China" bike. Maybe the resellers or Stallion should check the bikes before selling.

First suddenly the bike would not do anything anymore. Not starting, no lights .. just nothing. So I check the fuse and indeed blown. So used the spare fuse. Everything works again. But there is a reason for a blown fuse. The moment I use the left signal light ... pop there goes the fuse again. I check all the wires but it did look good. Then I remember I did hear a weird sound when moving the left signal light. I opend them and both front & rear signal light had a small metal bolt on the loose inside. And at the rear it was stucked between the plus and minus of the light bulb. After removing no more blown fuses anymore. But as the 10amp old fashion fuse was very difficult to get I replaced the old fashion fuse holder for a new model with flat fuses.

Then suddenly the start-engine would not work anymore. Checked that out and when I pushed the wires at the start-engine it was suddenly working. So took of the starting enigne and openend it. There was a bit corrosing inside and the contacts were damaged. Cleaned it all and put on new contacts of a Honda Wave. No more problems after that.

Then after riding it for longer distance suddenly the engine would stop like there was no gasoline anymore. But I knew the tank was full. I removed the gasoline tube from the tap and .... no gaoline was coming from the tank. I openend the gas-tank and .... gasoline started to flow. Would the tank-cap be blocked? I checked the tank-cap and saw that the rubber ring was installed in a way that it would block the small air vents in the tank-cap. I installed the rubber ring in a way that it is not blocking the air vents anymore. Until now no problems anymore.

So what could be next?

Chang Noi

By: Richard (offline)  Saturday, 21 May 2011 @ 10:50 AM ICT  

I'm not sure the Stallion motorcycles are made in China, the owner of the Tiger/Sachs club once said that Tiger Motor is making the Stallion motorcycles. Of course, I have no idea if Tiger is making them all or just a few models... As far as I know Tiger makes top quality motorcycles...

Also checking the motorcycle before delivery is something a dealer should do, and what I read is that all motorcycle brands have now-and-then a problem with dealers who don't check the motorcycles correctly. Even buying a Honda you can be sure (99%) that the tires are not inflated with the right pressure...

For the Stallion Momo Mini, I love the model – probably it's to small for me... but I can see myself making our moobaan unsafe with one of this bikes...



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By: Anonymous: Chang ()  Sunday, 22 May 2011 @ 08:56 AM ICT  

Well I am 99,99% sure at least the engine comes from China. I think they are build in China but maybe they are assembled here in Thailand (maybe even at the Tiger factory).
Actually I saw almost the same bikes but without a name and 10k cheaper but only invoice. And that invoice showed that the bike was imported as 1 part from China.

Come on Richard ... Tiger does make cheap bikes but not top quality. Imo there is a assembly line that makes all kind of thinks like generators and bikes and also Tiger bikes.

Chang Noi

By: Richard (offline)  Monday, 23 May 2011 @ 07:42 PM ICT  

Sure it's possible that some of the Stallion motorcycles come from China, still they look okay.

For Tiger and quality, Tiger makes good motorcycles and I hear not much people complain about them. So I think it's safe to say that they make good quality motorcycles for the price they cost.



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