By: Anonymous: Tom ()  Wednesday, 27 April 2011 @ 07:51 PM ICT (Read 5767 times)  

Hi,im sorry to bother you but ive got a big problem with my cbr 150.Yes i bought from new from mityon pattaya,3 years ago.its been a good bike until water got in the fuel tank.The drain hole around the fuel cap was blocked with spraypaint from new and so the water built up around the cap and seeped into the tank rusting it very badly.Ive put a new tank on from honda,had it to 10 garages,carb cleaned everytime properly and it still is not right.It will start but as soon as you run it up the road it starts to play up then cuts out.Feels like fuel starvation,as when you get it going it will only rev to a certain rev and when you load the throttle it cuts out.Ten garages ten so called mechanics and im ready to bury this lovely tidy clean bike with only 6500k on it.Can you give me any advise please,are they prone to anything?I dont like this device that sits under the tank which feeds the carb with fuel,theyve no on off fuel tap like my yamaha tw trailway back home and many other endureos ive had over the years.I live here in thailand for 7 months and jersey for 5.When i leave it here the fuel always goes off and the carb always had to be cleaned when i arrive back and new fuel put in.That was before the water in the tank problem.Fuel in Thailand has no shelf life at all,makes you wonder whats added to it,whats the best fuel here to use ive never found out?Anyway thanks for listening and would you have any ideas please.Thanks Tom.

By: Anonymous: Samsam ()  Friday, 29 April 2011 @ 04:45 PM ICT  

Did you look at the exhaust pipe?

By: Anonymous: sam14300 ()  Friday, 29 April 2011 @ 09:50 PM ICT  

This is sounding too much like my experience I had not too long ago. I was certain it was a carb issue. The bike would start so good and then would cut out under a load. It would get worse as it warmed up and I was sure it was a carb issue. If the shops have already adjusted the carb and float. And have determined it to be correct. Then may I suggest you try the Ignition module. It took me 2 months and numerous carb rebuilds and jetting to finaly find the Ignition module failing at upper rpm's. It would get worse as it heated up. I would stop to adjust the carb or change the plug and then it seemed to run better, but that was only because it cooled down durring that time. A new CDI and all was taken care of. If you have a friend with the same bike just borrow his CDI and try it. Good luck. PS. checking the exhaust is to determine if there is unburned fuel or a lean mixture. A good suggestion also.

By: Matty (offline)  Saturday, 30 April 2011 @ 12:20 AM ICT  

Hi, I used to race Power Dingies in Australia ( small flat bottom punts raced down rapid and log strewen fast flowing rivers ) These boats are powered by 8hp 2 stroke outboards. It is a common occurance to flip and or completely submerge these during racing or practice, which always resulted in a motor full of water and water in the fuel tank.
To solve this problem we added a fuel additive ( i forget the name of the additive but it was sold and branded by Mercury Outboards and came in a 500ml and 1 litre blue and silver plastic bottle) this additive somehow dissolves the water and allows it to pass through the carby and cylinder and get burnt with the fuel. It worked a treat and all the Powerboat racers used it or a similar brand of water evaporating fuel additive.
It might be worth trying to get hold of this or a similar product and adding the reccomended dose to your tank, it will clean out any water in your fuel system, carby and jets.

just for interests sake a bit more info, When our outboard engines were completely submerged under water ( still running until they flooded with water ) we used to take out the spark plugs, turn over the engine to pump all the water out of the cylinders, put in a new set (2) of spark plugs, spray aerostart into the carby and start them up again immediately, The engines would cough and splutter as soon as the aerostart was burnt up, so we would keep spraying aerostart into the carby in short bursts while we got up to top speed again (approx 50-60kph) and after a few hundred meters the engine would be back to normal running (full throttle) and the fuel additive added to the tank would take care of any water in the fuel system.

Hope this is some help to you or others, this info/advice might be useful in the wet season to get drowned bikes up and running again.




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By: Matty (offline)  Sunday, 01 May 2011 @ 05:58 PM ICT  

Found some info on the web about the above fuel additive.
Its called Quicksilver Dry-Fuel its sold by Mercury Boat Dealers and general marine shops.
here is a pic.
cheers Matt...

Click on image to open



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By: radnoc (offline)  Sunday, 01 May 2011 @ 09:37 PM ICT  

Try running the bike without closing the tank cap. Sounds like the tank not venting(you replaced tank and not right since).
Just a thought, had similar on a car a few years back



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