By: davidstipek (offline)  Thursday, 21 April 2011 @ 12:54 AM ICT (Read 8657 times)  

I built a Custom Chopper Bicycle. Strengthening all tubing where it was needed in frame. Thinking I was going to add a China Bicycle Petrol engine. In the corner of my shop I kept getting getting urges to go and look... Come look at me... I still have some life... I've been here winterized (Stored Properly) for at least 10 years. I'm still part of the family...

I turned out the light, showered watched the News with my wife. I kept getting this feeling someone..something wanted my attention. We finally went to bed and I promptly fell asleep. Only to be awakened about 2 hrs later with this Idea. I got up and went to kitchen (0230hrs) made me a cup of coffee and shuffled to Shop.

I promptely went to this fond old bike stored in corner and uncovered it, dusted it off, moved it out into the light. Here it sat grinning, I almost had to laugh, It was a semi-automatic 2T engine and I added a little oil and fuel to lube to see if it would even turn over (crank)... after all this time... It tried to start as it almost fired...!

I proceeded to clean it up and add proper lubricants and insuring auto - oiler was working added a few cc's of oil to the fuel (by this time it was 0415hrs) and luckly it had a exhaust system still intact as it fired at 2nd kick I let it run a little then manually increased the oil mixture to smoke engine (auto - oiler worked!)... There she sat in all her past glory purring at me. My wife walked in the shop and started laughing... I was Grinning like a 16 year old with his first Motorcycle! I did some measuring and looked like I had stretched and lowered the two Bicycles used to make Chopper within 20mm of being perfect.

The chopper had been lowered 14" from a standard 26" steel bike stance and lengthened 18"s. We left the original BB in place but moved the crank and chainwheel forward 18 1/2". I had now 3 freewheels in play as I will discribe as Crank (#1), Original BB on left side of bike (#2), rear wheel chaingear (#3).

On BB left side attaches to Motor with freewheel chaingear, right side has two gears one to connect with crank (#1) and the other to connect with rearwheel 7 speed freewheel (#3). This was to enable #1 pedals to coast if, #2 was being driven by motor. and reverse #2 to coast if bike was being pedaled. (also idea was if engine failed, your feet would be on pedals and to could safely power bike to a secure stopping point.

I was now beginning to wonder where these ideas had come from... Was the Belle...trying to become useful again? Did she want to go out in glory with me in Lazy Retirement? I was shocked how everything was unfolding. Well anyway, Toy my wife had since ushed me back to bed..... and I dreamed...

The Belle had been shelved so to speak as it had been replaced. Wiring had been modified or removed as items were deemed not necessary finally I stored it because I thought it had become... unsafe.

The chopper had all the necessay items to be street legal, lighting, horn, mirrors. I had brought from America the Miller wheel driven Dynometer lighting system. Tinkering I modified it to have Hi/low beams. Tail light/brake light, even added turn signals using flashing LED's so no relay was needed. I even added a rectifier and a 6V battery as I really had a wheel driven charging system and needed to change from AC to DC. Added a few more diodes to be safe.

Using Halegon 6V flashlight bulbs and using 2 bulb in High beam application... I had revelled any auto system... 20-24m wide...150-190m deep (actually at 140m you can read the small print on a Coke can (Not Beer but I'm sure you could) Smile My local police @ the block house thought this fantastic!! Even had lights when I was standing talking to them... They didn't go out!

If you can see where I'm going... This was all going to adapt to the "Belle" as she was 6V also... Hm... I... wonder... no! She has no heart beat!! Can't be...

Well as of now The Engine is in the Chopper and I have just removed the 2T tank behind seat post in front of rear fender. As it was below pump so unless I can find a small horizontal tank to fit under seat I'll have to do the premix thing. Rear wheel is a 3.5" x17" M/C tire, rim and spokes attached to a special steel Bicycle hub with sealed roller bearings. Both front and rear wheels have disc brakes. Front has Honda triple tree suspension forks and a 26"x 2.5" bicycle HD tire (all / weather tread) also used a 27" tube to relieve stress of heat and 50# pressure. It also has sealed roller bearings. Modified the original Yamaha Belle seat , cut ground and chopped... ended up with a formed seat that fits my butt..haha! Might be a little comfi if I had passenger (Yum!) a little tight maybe... Smile

Up dated the pictures to see almost finished design,then I will completely strip and drip primer, then do my thing with Black Laquer probably 10 coats and polished rubbed out frame. Then sealed with clear coat (2) Emron to protect dents and scratches.
Would like to see if I can add suspension to seat. As it is fastened with hing in rear and front can move 1 1/2 - 2" up down. Maybe somehow install gas shock paralellwith seat post to control movement?? Seat does have a metal basepan that could be shock???

Now before I damage any of the Electronics of this Beast I am asking if anyone... Has or can help supply me with a wiring Schematic. I think Yamaha's harness is a little more compact then mine and once I.D's of colored wires are documented it should make nicer installation.

Again this is a Yamaha Y-80 Belle. Made for Thailand, ID is 38L011130 making it a 1984 (we bought new in spring of 1985)

I Tried to ask Yamaha of Thailand...they have yet to answer me... Can't even join their site as it ask' for info about your Motorcycle... doesn't list Belle... Thailand Austraila and New Zeland being English sites have answered but politly referred me to Thailand... a big "Merry-Go-Round"

Pictures I have added are before engine add-on but show some of what I have tried to describe in detail.

Note: writing on Tank referrs to Helmet issue... not "More Beer" "Thai One On..."

I had to reassure my Wife as alot was consumed be well-wisher"s as I labored away. I wish to thank all the "Minds" that melded to get these results!

I... I... I still wonder... did Belle join this group? or was she just thirsty and wanted to enjoy some more Petrol & Oil Sunrises.... I hope someday to see if she was reencarnated...Another story...

Enjoy the pictures and I will post more as progress proceeds.

XX Smile

Again I would really like to take the time to personally Thank "Yamaha Thailand" for their policy of none exhistant help to Farangs or anyone who does not speak Thai. I believe that Karma does work wonders and if any of these persons in the level of Authority need help May they come to me, or stop me on the road for help. I am sure their families probably go to Temple and sit beside me every week.... But there is one difference. I came back to Thailand because I was Invited, I was taken care of during Veitnam war. I will help everyone and anyone in need, I saw Karma work its wonders 45 years ago. I will return the goodness shown me regardless how I am treated today. But I would not be supprised if their Sales Volume Drops Radically because of assumed policies they seem to practice.

Khun Chai David

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By: Anonymous: Michael ()  Sunday, 24 April 2011 @ 02:01 PM ICT  

Some people say that the V80 sold in Columbia is very similar to the SE-Asian Y80

By: Anonymous: David ()  Sunday, 24 April 2011 @ 07:33 PM ICT  


Thanks but parts Manual is not same as Service Manual. Only parts, no wiring diagrams...

I have this book for Y-80. It is Service manual I need

Was a good try!!! Thanks a bunch for the effort!!!


By: Anonymous: davidstipek ()  Monday, 16 May 2011 @ 06:05 PM ICT  

[QUOMTE]Quote by: Michael

Some people say that the V80 sold in Columbia is very similar to the SE-Asian Y80


Yes it is mechnically Don't think it has CDI though. Actually any Yamaha 1983-1991 as long as it has CDI and seliniem Rectifier will get me throught the tuff stuff. I am trying to weed out all the By-passed wiring and reinstall all the cut-out sections.

(When you have teenage daughter and she has problem she not want Daddy to think she cannot care for. So she find shop who keep her happy and save her money!! Not till something back-fired did I find out, Momma was using and noway to kill engine....hahaha she had to pull choke! all this had been removed.

By: news (offline)  Sunday, 17 July 2011 @ 07:11 AM ICT  

Hi David,

I saw you found a copy of the Yamaha Y80 Service Manual, very nice



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By: davidstipek (offline)  Monday, 01 August 2011 @ 12:50 AM ICT  

Quote by: news

Hi David,

I saw you found a copy of the Yamaha Y80 Service Manual, very nice

News... again Thanks for directing me in the right Direction... I got results Smile

Here is a PDF file showing how to do this trick, and do it safely and with strength. Took 2 steel Bicycle frame a couple of Hardened seat posts to insert for strength. Using 420 chains and sprockets, 3 HD 4 Bolt freewheel's ( had to hunt to find sprockets that would bolt to correctly, then play with TOOTH SIZES TO FIT AND FUNCTION I found that 402 tooth had a 43 tooth chainwheel sprocket and the freewheels came with 29t 420 sprockets. So I had my Crank chain wheel and rear wheel sprocket. Motor had a 18t 420 gear and original Belle had 37t at rearwheel, so I located a pair of 35tto use on both sides of axle for connection to motor and to drive rear wheel. Now All I needed was a 27t 420 gear to attach my crank chainwheel to. Which I found at an Excellant Shop in Nong Hoi Market. I was limited here because I was running out of room for chain adjustment.

How to be so lucky. Even with all this weight it is like pedaling my wifes bike, an old ladies City cruiser with 44t crank gear and rearwheel 22t...not bad!
Still doing exhaust as I split to make duals (Like Harley... side by side) but top one dummy as Expansion chamber... bottom will be actual exhaust exit. Had issues with float and valve seat as it was leaking through... Dripping on my Marble floor! Haha! One night of that and my wife said fix IT! hehe Sure!

Will add other pictures as I get closer to being done





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