By: Anonymous: John ()  Tuesday, 15 February 2011 @ 06:38 PM ICT (Read 17254 times)  

Else where in this forum it says the new Honda CBR 250 will cost 100,000 B for the regular model and 115,000 for the ABS model. WRONG - - major wrong ! At Central World I spoke with a man who appeared to be a senior sort of guy who was very clear that the price was 115,000 for the regular model and 130,000 B for the one with ABS brakes. He said they were available now but the ABS model would be in the stores about mid-February. Again, major wrong price info!

You can imagine my surprise when I waited till Feb 15th, walked into a big Honda dealer ready to pull out my credit card and ride away - but the bastards insisted the price is 130,000 B for the regular brakes and 160,000 B for the one with ABS brakes. They didn't hint at any negotiation. That was the price according to them! That is a huge huge increase over what I expected to pay!! I'm angry.

A proper spokesman from Honda should explain this.

I took a long walk to get to this big Honda dealer. I went past a Platinum dealer and they have a 200cc model in a cafe racer style not unlike the Honda or Kawasaki. The price is 57,000 B.

Does anyone have anything to say about the Platinium? Apparently they are made in Thailand.

By: news (offline)  Tuesday, 15 February 2011 @ 07:58 PM ICT  

The Honda prices will probably stay high for another one or two months. Mid 2011, the worldwide production is also supported by a factory in India (taking the pressure off the Thai factory).

For Platinum motorcycles, they are assembled in Thailand, not manufactured from parts produced in Thailand, as I was told. We know of a few people who have off-road style PX-175 and PX-125 Platinum motorcycles who seem very happy with the bikes, but we also hear people complaining about bad quality.

Tiger Motorcycles, is offering a 250cc model called the Tiger Boxer 250 RS, which seem to be bulletproof, supported by very good service and very reasonable priced.

If you can find yourself in riding a 250cc V-twin cruiser you can take a look at the Lifan LF250-B (Custom V250), which is also a excellent machine... but it's not a sportsbike.



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By: Anonymous: sparsh ()  Thursday, 17 February 2011 @ 11:02 AM ICT  

John - if you are interested my tiger boxer 250RS is for sale - 62,000THB - was delivered to me march 2010, less that 3000kms on the clock! its a great bike and im only selling it because i am moving out of the country! the service from tiger is great and this is a good all rounder! feel free to get in touch with me at 0818709302 for further details!

Tiger Boxer 250 RS Classified Location [classifieds:ad id:20110217112223782]

By: Anonymous: Ken in Phuket ()  Thursday, 17 February 2011 @ 08:07 PM ICT  

I bought my CBR 250r in Phuket about a month ago for 110,000 baht with insurance. My dealer had a shipment of 8 and they were gone in 10 days. I love it but hear the price will increase for the next batch. Glad I got in early.

By: rabid (offline)  Sunday, 20 February 2011 @ 07:19 PM ICT  

I found this when I went to a Honda dealer on my usual way home on Rama IV - prices were well higher than 'recommended' (125K non ABS / 140K ABS).

I was also rather non-plussed by the refusal of any test ride: how is one to choose between the 150 and 250 without a trial? (A colleague bought a 150 for her spouse on the recommendation of a friend from Triumph who had driven both on the track at launch.)

However, I then toured several other Honda dealers that weekend: prices varied dramatically between dealers, as did 'delivery' dates (from being able to ride out of the showroom (although illegally as a wait for a number plate is necessary) to a 5 week wait!!!). Prices went from 110 000B (non ABS) and 125 000B (ABS).

Rather annoyed at Honda's lack of customer service, I went to Kawasaki on Rama 9. What a difference! All bikes are available for test ride in the car-park next to the showroom, the staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and the prices are exactly as advertised. Having driven all the bikes there, I am now actively looking for a second hand 650 Ninja - it has a fantastic riding position (the new CBRs look as if they put a lot more pressure on the wrists, having seen an increasing number around Bangkok), is very manoeuvrable, and is a 'proper' big bike...

...better get back to those classifieds!



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By: news (offline)  Sunday, 20 February 2011 @ 08:14 PM ICT  

Yes, you're right... Honda dealers are not yet ready to sell bigger motorcycles. Ask them about the advantages of the electronic-combo-ABS (if they even know it is a electronic-combo-ABS), you would be surprised about the answers you get.

But not forget that Kawasaki has the advantage of selling the Kawasaki Ninja 250R for more than 3-years now. The Kawasaki shops got a lot of experience over the years, 3-years ago you could also get amazing answers from Kawasaki dealers.

Some interesting reading about motorcycle dealers in Thailand can be found here Buy a New Motorcycle in Thailand



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By: Anonymous: Steve ()  Sunday, 20 February 2011 @ 09:12 PM ICT  

Like my Tiger Boxer 250RS very much. They run 72,000 B, new. Dealer in Lad Prao area...Factory info here: Motorcycle Manufacturers in Thailand

By: Anonymous: Garouda ()  Sunday, 22 May 2011 @ 04:46 PM ICT  

Hello there,
It's my first post on this forum, so hello to everybody.
I have been living in Thailand for more than seven years now. I am in the education field.
When I arrived, I decided to buy a motorbike instead of a car to get used with the left hand driving.
I bought a Kawazaki Boss, 175cc. At that time, you could chose between Boss and Phantom. Don't ask me why I took the Boss instead of the Phantom... Now I have a Phantom and feel it's about time to change. When it's not raining I ride my bike to get to work 46km. While on the motorway between Sriracha and Highway 36, I reach a cruise speed of 120/130 km/h. I have my concerns about the engine, that's why I would like to upgrade. Platinum is something I wouldn't recommend, I saw a post about Platinum earlier in this thread. I know nothing about Tiger. I like the Phantom as the riding position is quite comfortable. Does anyone have experienced an upgrade of the Phantom from 200 to 250cc? (Bore 63.5 --->71.5).
Well, that's not why I react on the posts I read above. The CBR price, it's now 105 000 for the standard and 125 000 for the ABS version (Sriracha-Chonburi). My other reaction is about your a bit arrogant expectations, a sales person doesn't care about torque, power and other data. It's not like in Europe where you have the choice between many different models. What do we have here, the Ninja in its two versions and now the Honda CBR. You take the one you like, that's the way they consider it here.
I am selling my Phantom to buy a CBR250, without ABS. I hope I won't be disapointed (I would like a CBR 400...)
Cheers for now

By: Richard (offline)  Sunday, 22 May 2011 @ 07:13 PM ICT  

I'm not sure that you get the desired result from upgrading a Honda Phantom TA200 to 250cc, most bore-ups I see and hear about are not from a quality that I would recommended to anybody. Also compared to the stock 200cc, the extra 50cc don't offer that much power increase – and the extra power you gain comes with a much higher fuel demand... a 250cc uses a good amount of fuel more...



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By: Anonymous: Matt ()  Monday, 13 June 2011 @ 05:06 PM ICT  

After a long investigation into Ninja250R vs. CBR250, I finally came to the conclusion that for the cheaper price I would go for a CBR250, although most people say the Ninja250R is the better bike. Well, thats what you save money for.
Walking in to the dealer in Chiangmai, I was also surprised, that the price rose from 100K to 115K (non.ABS). I still have the old pricelist in my hand. Plus I have to wait 2 month to get it. When I asked for a demo ride, the answer was "We have the motorbike but no fuel.". After askign "When will you have fuel?", the answer was "MAYBE tomorrow" (it has to be said that the gas station is just right next door).
WTF?? I guess they do not want to sell those bikes anymore. Now, for waiting two months I also have to pay 15% more? And the guys cannot even go over the street to get gas? I am really not sure what I should think...
I will order a Ninja250 now.
Taking advantage of the shortage caused by themselves is something I dont want to support.

By: news (offline)  Monday, 13 June 2011 @ 06:43 PM ICT  

Yes, Honda has some serious problems with suppling its dealers, and some dealers say we have less motorcycles to sell but the electric, workers, etc... etc still costs the same so price went up...

I'm not sure that it's the right way to do business, but who am I to argue with them, apparently the Honda CBR250R is still selling as hot cakes so ..what can I say...

In the end production of the Honda CBR250R will also start to come up to speed in India and Indonesia which takes some worldwide distribution pressure of the Thai factory... but until the other Honda factories will produce at targeted capacity we will have shortage in Thailand...



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