By: Anonymous: Befree_ride ()  Friday, 13 June 2008 @ 02:58 PM ICT (Read 3113 times)  

Hi everybody,

Do you know if the motocross track located in Ram Intra soi 14 is still in use or not, I discovered few days ago on my GPS I-go software that it should have a Motocross track around soi 14, I checked on Goggle Map and I can see there is something like a track around soi 14 but I don't know if the map is still accurate or not.... I tried 2 days ago to go to the track using my GPS but I'm stucked at the end of a Soi and no way to go further, so if you know about this track can you advise which way to reach it. With all construction around it might be dissapeared.

Thanks for answer.


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