By: Anonymous: William ()  Tuesday, 03 June 2008 @ 07:26 AM ICT (Read 4105 times)  

I was in a motorcycle shop, and I saw some ZR17 Michelin Power 2CT tyres, now can I remember that I read something that there was something wrong with this tyres?

I cannot wait to long as I surely need to replace my bikes tyres...

By: news (offline)  Wednesday, 04 June 2008 @ 09:55 AM ICT  

I belief that there was a Michelin recall in 2007 for the 120/70 ZR17 Michelin Pilot Power 2CT and Michelin Pilot Power motorcycle tyres.

The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT and Michelin Pilot Power tyres had shown a possible defect in the tread .

Although this could have been a serious problem, none of these tyres have suffered a loss in pressure and no accidents have occurred.

Also I not belief that you would see many of this tyres in Thailand, as the problem only specific occurred with "Made in France" tyres.



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By: Anonymous: Befree_ride ()  Friday, 13 June 2008 @ 05:56 PM ICT  

Hi William,

Where do you find your Michelin Power 2 CT ? I'm looking for those tyres but seems difficult to get it...I need to change my tyres soon and it's really what I wish to set up on the Busa as I'm going more and more to track. My friends in Europe are using those tyres on the Busa and 80% of them are more than satisfied with those tyres. Now, you right all Power 2CT have been recalled in France last year and as our moderator noticed only those manufactured in France were recalled, I'm not sure the year of manufactured is written on the tyres but the origin should appear somewhere....with the first letters of the country where the tyres have been manufactured.


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