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Hi all,

A lot of you know about the Motozone / Xtremebikes problem and that they are now closed.

I have an official arrest warrant for Cyril Rouhani (Aka Jem, Aka Cyril Marsura ...) and I would like to request help from you to find him if he is still in Thailand or somewhere else.

Then I have 2 civil court cases that I won against Motozone/Xtremebikes, but before my lawyers could do anything, Alexandre De Maria and his Thai partner (the new owners of Motozone / Xtremebikes) closed the shop and disappeared too. When I saw Alexandre De Maria last year he told me to go to court for all the money that Motozone / Xtremebikes owed me and if a decision was made in my favor, he would pay me. I went to court and won. But of course Alexandre De Maria didn't keep his word and closed the shop and disappeared too like his friend Cyril Rouhani.

Again I ask you for your help to find Alexandre De Maria to make him face his responsibility.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, and your help will remain anonymous of course.

Thanks a lot and best regards

Frederic Chapin

You can send me an email to if you have any information regarding those subjects.



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By: news (offline)  Tuesday, 03 June 2008 @ 07:13 AM ICT  

Sorry to hear about your problems with Motozone / Xtremebikes. Guess I was lucky never to do business with them. When I lived closer to RCA I had a few times the idea to buy a bike from them.

Please let us all know how things work out.....



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