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Like many of your visitors, I am back on two-wheels after a long break. Now 44, I am a bit more cautious and concerned with injury, due to wife and kids, etc, so I wear most of the safety gear, with some exceptions.

Some products obviously don't offer the same type of protection, but they're not a lot cheaper than some new stuff I can find on the market. Also, there seems to be quite a price difference between product A from one brand and product B from another manufacturer.

I know that protective gear will not necessarily save the part you bought it for, but may prevent hyper-extension and the seriousness of the accident and maybe prevent hospitalization.

Everyone has a budget, so I was wondering if you can do a comparison of some of the protective gear in all price ranges to give us some idea what we should expect or need for our money.

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Well, one of the most important things that you should keep in mind while purchasing is to make sure that it fits. The level of safety is directly related to the fitment of your protective gear. I came across ab article for motorcycle boots (for example) which shows how important it is to choose the best motorcycle boots that isn't just related to the brands.



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