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Hey, ill give you a break down of my situation. After moving to Costa Rica I decided to get a bike for transportation - As a new rider I bought a 125cc 4 stroke motorcycle. The name is genesis, probobly none of you have heard of it because I cant even find it on the net! The roads are so dangerous here its close to suicide getting on a bike. My First accident destroyed the whole front end, impact was at about 110 km/h. The second accident did little damage, but involved clipping a horse at around 100 km/h and sliding down the highway..... yeah i know..... The problem is the mechanics here are HORRIBLE... they dont even know what a spark plug gapper is - now im ok with carborated engines however iv'e never worked on a bike before. Since the accidents the bike seems to be lacking power and "shudders" (loses power and then regains it) between 7-9000 rpm. The carborator on the bike is horrible, it comes factory set and is not possible to adjust, idle screw only. If anyone could PLEASE reccomend what problems i should be looking for, or any solotions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (and yes i clean the carborator often, as my dealer said it was neccesary when the bike is being used in constant full throttle)

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The best way to figure out how to set your carburetor is to find out what brand it is, probably not a easy task but very helpful.

It is not uncommon that carburetors have only an idle screw, for instance carburetors from Keihin sets the idle mixture screw during assembly and seals the screw under aluminum plug to prevent an owner from changing the setting. If your motorcycle is anyway related to a Honda model it is likely that you have a Keihin carburetor.

To find out more about tunning your carburetor look at

And not forget to let us know how things going.......



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