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French helmet brand Shark is still moving ahead, with two new top-end helmets for 2011. The Race-R Pro and Race-R feature new shell shapes and internals. ... Scroll down for the full story

French helmet manufacturer Shark unveiled its 2011 helmet collection at its Hampshire headquarters to media and key Shark racers including superbike rider Michael Laverty, CAME Yamaha's James Westmoreland and newly crowned British Supersport Champion Sam Lowes.

We're fans of the French outfit's design and safety philosophy and impressed by the Shark RSR-2 which we've been using since it was launched. If the new shells and interiors can build on the qualities of the RSR-2 we'll have no hesitation in suggesting yout get along to a dealer to check them out. In the meantime, till we get our heads in production issue kit, here's the official statement.

Launching new colourways for the current ranges including the RSI and Evoline, Shark displayed two brand new helmets to their extensive collection. The Race-R Pro and Race-R are to replace the popular RSR2 helmets at the top of SHARKs range. The Race-R Pro is a new high end model made of carbon/aramid fibers and has been developed for SHARK's top level racers in MotoGP, WSBK, BSB and with this in mind enables the consumer to have the same level in quality and safety as the racers.

The Race-R (in red and white in the pic) is derived from the Race-R Pro; the main difference between the two helmets is that the Race-R Pro has a double blade spoiler to help with aerodynamics when at high speeds.

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Also new to the range is the Vision-R, developed with vision in mind the aptly named Vision-R offers the greatest panoramic visor aperture available on the market. Compared with common visor apertures the Vision-R gives 25% more global vertical vision and 10% more horizontal vision. If that wasn't enough the Vision-R offers a Shark patented 'Rapid Anti Fog system' which holds the visor open ajar to avoid misting and is easily usable with gloves.

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I love the new Shark lids, super cool

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this new collection will soon be available in thailand,

will let you know

best regards


shark thailand

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