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Is somebody willing to share the procedure of programming a new Honda HISS key?

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It doesn't say what to do with it or how to use it to program the keys...

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By: Richard (offline)  Monday, 13 September 2010 @ 10:43 PM ICT  

First you need at least one original HISS key that works with the motorcycle, if you have that you need to buy a genuine Honda blank HISS key this will allow any capable Thai key cutter to achieve perfection, a nice smooth and positive fit.

Please make sure you order the correct Honda HISS key blank for your model, if you not sure you can post your model/year here and I'm sure people will try to help you with finding the right article number for your Honda HISS key.

If you currently have no HISS enabled keys of the motorcycle you're up for an new and expensive ECU and key set.

To program new HISS keys for your motorcycle, you need a special Honda HISS programming Tool, this Honda tools sounds more difficult than it actually is and you can make The special Honda HISS programming Tool yourself. If you're not good with electronics or prefer not to connect self-made-electronics to your motorcycle the Honda tool part number is 07XMZ-MBW0101.

To program new HISS keys to your motorcycle shove your DIY or original Honda Hiss special programming tool into the connector and connect the positive and negative battery connectors to their respective battery terminals.

Turn the ignition key to ON using your original key. The immobilizer indicator light should come on and stay on (if it starts flashing after 10 seconds there is a fault in your system).

Now disconnect the positive battery connector for 5 seconds before re-attaching it to the battery terminal. The indicator should now come on for 2 seconds then begin to flash repeatedly four times. This indicates the system is now in registration mode. At this point all previous keys except the one in the ignition have cleared/canceled from the ECM memory, so if you have any extra spare HISS keys they will need to be re-registered also.

Turn the ignition to OFF and remove the original key. Put it about 5 meters away from the motorcycle you are working on, so it doesn't interfere with the transponder in the new key.

Insert the new key and the ignition to ON. The immobilizer indicator light should come on for 4 seconds then begin to flash repeatedly four times. This indicates the system has registered the new key. Success!

If you have any extra keys you want to register, repeat the previous step “Insert the new key and the ignition to ON”. Don't put the original key you started the process with in as its already registered.

Once you have registered your spare HISS keys, turn the ignition to OFF, remove the DIY special tool and reconnect your CKP sensor.

Now you can check if all your HISS keys start your motorcycle.



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