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I read the article about the Sym Radar-X 125 and was wondering if Sym is just another Chinese manufacturer?

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Sym is from Taiwan. I have seen their brand offered for sale in Europe and the U.S. Their reputation, according to articles I've read in U.S. motorcycle magazines, is far more sound than any mainland Chinese manufacturer. A friend says that they are highly regarded in Taiwan, where there IS competition.

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Sym or Sanyang Motor as it once was called, is a Taiwanese company with production facilities in Tawain, Vietnam, China (mainland) and Japan.

Sym is owner of Xiamen Xiashing Motorcycle Co., Ltd, which is Chinese (mainland) motorcycle manufacturer and has 11% stake in Kinetic Motor Company a well-known Indian scooter manufacturer.

If you look behind the screens of Sym, you can find a few big names – so has Sym a partnership in shares with Hyundai Korea (Korean car manufacturer), Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) a manufacturer of the infamous Can-Am motorcycles (three-wheel bikes), Mahindra & Mahindra a Indian manufacturer of light trucks, agricultural tractors, and probably best known for the iconic Willys Jeep and primarily notable for manufacturing the worlds best selling electric vehicle, the REVAi.

And from this group of companies there's also serious interest to take over SsangYong Motor Company.



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