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I'm in one of those 'thinking about a new motorcycle' stages in my life. My ideal is a motorcycle that looks like a motorcycle (not too keen on plastic rockets), affordable, low weight, simple engine configuration, good performance and comfortable.

That said I read tests about the Kawasaki ER6N with interest, it seemed the ideal motorcycle until I got to the bit about the suspension, 'harsh ride', 'after 1 hour riding … looking for relief'. Okay, I guess one can adjust the suspension and fit a gel seat, but I also read about a uncomfortable footrest position, what can you do about them?

They seem to be a fashion among motorcycle manufacturers and one has to ask why. For folk who ride any sort of kilometers there is a critical distance between the seat and the footpegs but the main manufacturers seem to believe all their potential buyers are weekenders, track day nutters or latter-day Valentino Rossi's and I reckon they're missing out on a lot of sales.

Maybe someone, somewhere sometime will offer a footpeg lowering kit, until then I'll be sticking with my Honda CBR-150R.

By: news (offline)  Monday, 09 August 2010 @ 08:05 PM ICT  

The Ducati Streetfighter has a comfortable riding position, the footpegs are a bit lower than on the Kawasaki ER6N.Road Cruise



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By: Matty (offline)  Wednesday, 11 August 2010 @ 11:17 PM ICT  

Ducati street fighter is an awesome bike, anybody would love to own one of those, but without looking it up on your prices page it would have to be 3 times the price of the ER6n.
Be much better to buy an aftermarket rear shock from ohlins or the thai made YSS suspension, I bought a pair of YSS piggyback shocks (ordered from Australia) for my restoration project, a Husqvarna 1982 model WR250 enduro. The guys at YSS were great and very helpful making sure the rear shockies suited my bike and my weight. Check out their website, i cant remember it but just google YSS suspension. They do front fork kits too and im sure they can make the ER6N handle sweet and be comfortable.
Ive not heard of uncomfortable riding position due to the footpeg position but you should be able to buy some rear sets which will allow an adjustable footpeg position.
I think these are relatively cheap mods, that will make a good reliable ER6N an absolute ripper of a bike. ( ive never ridden one but read alot of tests in bike magsand most agree its a good bike) Pity Honda dont inport the CB600 Hornet, I have one back in Aus and its a fantastic bike, no need to alter anything, just add a bit of bling for personality.
I think Suzuki are selling the Gladius 600 here in Thailand, All tests ive read are positive and its a capable comfortable bike, personally im not a fan of the styling of it but some colours look ok, some colours look to girly ( funny coming from a gay guy i know..)
the VTR 250 from honda is a great smaller bike now with EFI. probably all anyone needs in Thailand.
Triumps street triple 675 is the best performing of the 600 cc class ( altho they cheat by 75cc ) but i cant bring myself to buy such an ugly looking bike no matter how fast of good it is. the Daytona 675 would be my choice from Triumph, Altho in Thailand i think you are better sticking to the big 4 japanese brands
id hate to have a problem with a Ducati or Triumph or other european brands here, be bad enough getting help in Bkk let alone up country somewhere. At leat Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and less so Kawazaki have dealers in every major town here in Thailand.
Sorry for rambling on for so long, had a few heinekens tonight.
hope some of this helps



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