By: Anonymous: Adventurismo ()  Wednesday, 28 July 2010 @ 09:08 PM ICT (Read 2568 times)  

Hello fellow riders,
I'm planning a long ride to Mae hong son north this coming . This is my second adventure to north, last year i rode from Bangkok to Changrai-golden triangle. It was an amazing experienced, i got the chance to visit the old towns, caves, lakes, river and ruins in the north, which is, i can't do when i'm travelling by train or bus. I used my suzuki shogun 125 last year. never had problem, but sad to say i sold it coz i need to go back to malaysia. Now im back again and i have honda czi 110. I will use this all the way to Mae hong son. I heard, its beautiful there. So if anyone interested to join this adventure trip please feel free to e-mail me at
All you need is a low end motorcycle between 100cc-125cc. Thats good enough, bcoz we are not gonna ride fast, we are just gonna enjoy the rides:-))

By: Anonymous: Sabian ()  Friday, 30 July 2010 @ 09:52 PM ICT  

Yeah I live in Saraburi and have been contemplating the same, so it could be a goer if you want some company.

By: Anonymous: Daniel ()  Wednesday, 25 August 2010 @ 09:30 PM ICT  

hi sabian,
my adventure trip to mae hong son on oct 9 is a "GO". using hiway #1 then #12 to mae sot then #105 to mae sariang all the way to mae hong son. then #1095 to changmai. coming back to bangkok, I will use train and upload my bike, cost around 400Baht for the bike to bangkok.
let me know if your still interested to join this trip.

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