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Ratthapark Wilairot (Film), Thai PTT-SAG Honda: 14th. Said after the test runs "I believe I could have improved a bit and dip under 1'53, but it proved impossible as the heat made things difficult for us today and the time I set yesterday was already very good. Despite this, I'm happy because I clinched my best qualifying result of the season and all the riders who are ahead of me are all pretty experienced.

With this result, I'm looking forward to the race. I'm pretty upbeat and I hope it will be a bit cooler tomorrow, if it's not the case the race will be very tough."

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After the GP250 Motegi,Japan Ratthapark Wilairot is now on the 16th position with 29 points. I hope that lots of Thai fans will go to see him on 21 October in Malaysia when the World Champion Grand Prix comes to Polini Sepang International Circuit



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