By: Anonymous: Sander ()  Saturday, 29 May 2010 @ 09:31 AM ICT (Read 3707 times)  

I want to buy a Kawasaki D-tracker 125, but a Thai friend told me that it is not a good motorbike to buy. He say very expensive and weak engine, what is the truth?

The D-tracker 125 costs near 90000bht and I like to use the motorbike to commute from home to work

If anybody has an idea or advice I would appreciate it

By: news (offline)  Friday, 04 June 2010 @ 09:53 AM ICT  

The Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 is a well build bike, the engine is surely not the most powerful 125cc engine on the market. But buying a motard style motorcycle is mostly motivated by the better maneuverability and relaxed riding position – both are excellent on the Kawasaki D-Tracker 125. I believe that the Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 would be a good choice to commute from home to work in busy Bangkok traffic.

For the price, the D-Tracker 125 comes with a bit high purchase cost, but you get a very complete bike for it.

You can find cheaper motard style alternatives from Zongshen and Lifan



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