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Forum Posting Rules

Post your topic to one forum only. If it needs to be moved, alert a moderator. Duplicates will be locked.

We are here for people of all ages, and want everyone to feel comfortable. Moderators can and will edit posts with explicit language.

We do not tolerate spamming or off-topic trolling in any forum. If you do this, you will be warned once, and any further abuse will result in your account being deactivated.

Off Topic
Please stay on topic. For general conversation about other stuff use another forum.

Email Addresses
Do not post email addresses in a public post. Lots of people visit these forums daily, it's not worth the spam, or scams, that are possible. If you must share your email, please do it with a private message. Email addresses will be removed by the moderating staff in public posts.

Be Nice!
We pride ourselves in being a tight-knit community that polices itself well, and we want to keep it that way.

Adult Content
No adult content of any type, including images or depictions. Kids visit these forums, and there are plenty of other places to talk about this stuff.

Junk Posting
No posts just to post. This includes topics like 'let's tell a story post by post' as well as tacking on garbage to the end of a thread that has ended.

Attacks/Name Calling
No attacking or name calling. This includes talking about groups of people, not just individuals.

Hate Speech
No hate speech. Any instances of this are eligible for instant banning.

No baiting. Dropping things in the forums just to stir the waters will not be tolerated.

Topic Changing
No derailing of threads because you don't agree with their content. If you don't like what you read, find a different thread. Don't take it off topic because you don't like it.

Don't be stupid. If you can't be mature, find somewhere else to post.

Links to commercial sites that are not relevant to the thread or forum are forbidden, whether located in the post proper or in the member's forum signature. Please don't try to sell stuff here, we're not buying.


One Infraction
You will receive a warning.

Two Infractions
You will have your forum account suspended for one week.

Three Infractions
You will have your forum account suspended indefinitely.



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