By: Anonymous: Carl Wilson ()  Sunday, 24 February 2008 @ 03:05 PM ICT (Read 2134 times)  

I was wondering if you could help me with a problem with my BMW R1100RT? It is a 2000 model and my previous bike was a BMW R1100R. When I start to let the clutch lever out in first gear you get a squeal cum grinding noise just till the clutch lever is out. It does this every time you start off in first gear at junctions. The old R110R did the same but also had a seal leaking from the gearbox to the clutch so had new clutch fitted.

But this made no difference to the squeal cum grinding noise whatsoever. So I decided to buy the BMW R1100RT and on my first ride out I could not believe it was worse than the R1100R. I have phoned the dealer and told them of the problem and they were very helpful on the phone and told me it was more like the ABS brakes kicking in as another dealer told me the same about the R1100R. But why would this happen at every stop or junction as you pull away in first.

Surely after the ABS have kicked in once, as the dealers told me, then why do they kick in every time you take off in first gear?

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